Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, during the checkout process you will be required to Sign Digitally the Renal Contract. Hold down your Computer Mouse or on a Mobile Phone simply use your finger to sign.
Initials and Signature Required (Sign and save each place) It should then take yo to the pamyent screen.) Please call or email if you require technical support.
Yes all orders require a minimum 50% non refundable Deposit Paypal Checkout Payment. you do not need to be a member. Pay with Credit Card. If you cancel between 24 Hours - 72 Hours prior to your rental you will be given a rain check that is good until October 31st, 2024. Rain Date is Subject to availability. No refunds whatsoever under any circumstances. Notice: Without a Deposit Payment your order is not booked in our system.
Once you have completed placing an Online Order an Email Confirmation will be sent to you. Contained will be Safety Tips. Please Note you have to Digitally Sign the Rental Waiver Contract in order to Submit your Online Order. Also when we deliver or you pickup we will go over the Safety Operation Rules in person.
Generally we will not book Events for Public Events that are under $2500 due to rising operational costs. However feel free to reach our to us. Depending on our scheduling it may be possible to rent only 1 item. Check with us first before submitting an order Online.
Here is the breakdown

Residential property installations: YES you as the renter are responsible for Supervsion at all times. Safety Rules are attached to each inflatable structure and should be read by Adults prior to operation. Ordering from PTI Amusments is fun but don't overlook the importance of Safety. Safety instructions will also be provided by the Installer(s). However do not hesitate to ask questions when we are on site at your location.  

Here is the breakdown Commerical Property Installations: Types of inflatable such as Bounce Houses, Slides, Obstacle Courses are required to be supervised by our Trained Ride Attendant(s).We are licensed by the T.S.S.A (Technical Standards and Safety Authority). Hiring a service such as ours ensures you are following all the regulatory requirements. Highly reccomend you do some Google research on your own to support the importance of hiring a T.S.S.A Licensed inflatable rental service. PTI Amusements has valid license plates for the types of inflatables mentioned above.

Here is the breakdown
Commerical property installations using interactive inflatable games
Supervsion by renter at all times is required.
Types of inflatables  include Basketball, Baseball, Pedestal Joust, World of Sports, Skee, Ball, Hula Hoop Toss. Soccer.
If you are requesting us to pickup your Rental Order for example at 9pm. We may be able to handle your request as long as it is before 10pm. After Hour pickups will be charged an Extra Fee.  There must be lighting available if it is outdoors so we can remove equipment in a lighted area.

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